Purely Narcissist…


As the name suggests i am a perfect narcissist, totally obsessed with the fact that we are the best, we look the best and we do the best…

Its basically for those of us who have a thing,..i don’t need fashion or I am good as it is and blah blah.. Guys believe me everyone does need fashion, everyone does follow fashion, its just that there are a lot of people who have an acceptance problem to new fashion.

What we understand of fashion today is what Sonam Kapoor is doing or What is happening at the ‘Cannes’. But do you think you or me are really going to wear that stuff.. Well yes, Why not? May be as it is, May be little toned down or may be just keeping it as a reference. Anyways we are not here to follow Sonam or Aish or those super hot ones.

We are here to discuss what is good for a girl next door. I am a STAY AT HOME MOM of one and half year old twin girls, and all i need these days is to look good enough not to scare anyone, which requires very less efforts but  YES,the right ones, secretly discuss all the everyday fashions, those secrets that won’t show you have done much to your face or body. We cant deny the fact every one is beautiful, all we need is to clean up and bring out our true colour with a little bit of fixers and thats what we are here for.

This blog is about all age, shapes and colour. To discuss budget dressing, celebrity dressing, all those power shoulders and frills and brought down in a way that you can use in your everyday dressing. We ‘ll also discuss home remedies and product recommendations. We ‘ll try and make our lives easier by using small hacks, learning to do what is right for the skin and hair and nails and body and clothes.

I hope we ll be best friends soon…



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