Let’s talk SKIN…

How you look, Who you are is all what your skin is..

SKIN takes over the largest area on our body..and its all that we present.

you can hide an upset stomach but not an upset skin, it needs to be healthy and happy as well.

We are not going to discuss how to get fair or all that crap..We are here for a healthy skin and all it needs a few minutes morning and evening.


skin 1.jpg

We are going to discuss about something very basic…something 99% of you must be knowing but only 50% might be following i.e. basic skin care routine of CTM…




We usually feel bored for taking these 3 little steps towards our skin care but you ll have to agree these actually work like magic..

There is a basic fact about ageing, ” we can’t REVERSE ageing, we can only DELAY it” and trust me people its a good enough reason to follow CTM routine even if you are not a daily makeup person. It freshens up your skin removing all the dirt, dead cells and harmful oils.

I am a very very strong advocate of products lying around our kitchen,though it doesn’t mean i am against over the counter products or i don’t use them but yes… Natural is Natural, here we start

1) Remove your make up: 

For women older than 30 removing makeup becomes a vital part of maintaining a youthful appearance because base or foundation that is left on all night will dry out the skin and clog the pores. And if you leave your mascara on all night it dries the eyelashes, which causes them to crack and break off.

Easy and Natural:Just add a few drops of coconut oil to a cotton ball and gently rub the makeup off your face.



OR ELSE:  Use a mild Make-up remover or cleansing milk. Take generous amount on a cotton ball and swipe around the face to take all that beautifying makeup of your face so that it still keeps you look awesome.


>>Use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type,Its better to Look for a skin cleanser made with pure, natural botanical ingredients since these are safer and much kinder to the skin.

>>Use lukewarm water to lather up the cleanser and help break down the make-up on your face or to remove those moisturiser and sun screen you applied this morning. Spend at least 60 seconds going over your face ensuring you’ve cleansed all areas. You will also want to clean your neck gently to help remove any powder, perfume and daily dirt that has settled there.

>>Now rinse your face several times with lukewarm water to get rid of the cleanser and make-up residues from your face. If you prefer splash cold water on your face at the final stage to tighten your pores. Now gently pat your face dry without actually rubbing with the towel.


it’s always good to scrub away skin dead cells once a week by using a nice face scrub.
Easy and Natural: Use a Brown Sugar and Lemon Scrub ( We ll discuss how to make it in further posts)




Use any herbal face Scrub available, be sure the product you are using doesn’t contain silicon or plastic crystals or particles.



Next use a skin toner that suits your skin type and is gentle on skin.You may be surprised at how much more dirt will be removed with the cotton swab and toner that had been missed with the cleanser.

EASY and NATURAL: Use Rose water or Rice Water.





Buy a gentle toner from the counters.

Soak two cotton wool pads with your toner or hydrosol, and sweep across the face and neck with upward and outward movements.

5)Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Don’t skip the moisturizer! Your skin needs to be replenished each night after a day of exposure to the environment and wearing make-up. Never forget your lips since the skin over the lips is thinner and much more prone to dehydration.


Use our saviour COCONUT OIL. it doesn’t leave the skin sticky and has a good fragnance of itself.


Buy a moisturiser containing natural ingredients like SHEA BUTTER, COCONUT OIL, SEAWEED, ALOE VERA, etc



Its equally important to follow this skin care routine every morning as well as the lint on your pillow, the little dust in your room and those oils that our skin produces naturally while sleeping are no less monsterous.

Follow this, I promise and personally guarantee you of a beautiful, radiant skin, you will sleep better and have prettier dreams.

JUST 1 condition…

do it all with a smile

stay pretty

love urself


7 thoughts on “Let’s talk SKIN…

  1. ctm is very imp in todays life which is full of stress n pollution..the way u need to work out to
    keep our body healthy the same way u need to take out time to keep skin healthy..it should b in every day routine. stay healthy n keep glowing


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