HI ALL..!!

All this while when I was thinking what topic should we do next.. i got lot of suggestions to scribble about dressing according to our body type and I actually went hunting ideas for the same inside my mind, my wardrobe, internet and what not. Then all of sudden i felt an affliction in my heart, WHY..? Why do we need to dress up to hide what we are. The NARCISSIST in me spanked so hard that immediately I knew what I needed to write about.

Its our BODY.. Dressing as well needs to be our TYPE..


I fail to understand that why do we need to hide that particular shape of our body. Don’t you think its so absurd that we find limitless articles on how to make your body look more proportionate, as if 90 percent of females are born out of proportions. What message are we sending to generations to come.

I think having a positive body image is the basic requisite of looking good and then we need  to discover our own personal style. A style that defines our personality, a style we are comfortable with and also that makes us more confident. That confidence should be born out of the fact that you love your outfit and more importantly your body.



I agree that few extreme silhouettes can visually alter the looks but cum’on they are clothes, they can’t magically alter your proportions. Clothes are of course really important but so are our own likings. You might look slimmer in a certain piece but what if its discomfort is killing your charm. To be clear I am not advocating that wear anything and everything whether it suits you or not.

all I mean is, don’t stick by any rule or dont make a negative image of your body. Its a shape that you posses and that’s what you are.Look for style that you find prefect for you not because it ll proportionate your already beautiful body

Anyway, I don’t want to lecture and let’s talk sense now… of course, every single one of us wants to look good, even if we have to compromise on some comfort or even our budget
So we are here.. to help you look perfect for whatever body type you have, whichever colour you like and wherever you live.
I was once told that I am too curvy to wear crop tops, next day I met her wearing a crop top styled in a way, it worked perfect. So all we need is a little bit of our own self styling mingled in today’s trends.
So may be we’ll have to start from scratch, but slowly we can do it together…
in upcoming blogs we ll discuss
》》How to discover our personal style..
》》 How can we style any garment to enhance our looks
》》 How can we play with styles… just one outfit can give you so many different looks…

Stay tuned
wish you a



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