Lets get little Stylish…

Hellooo beautiful people..!!!!

So as promised, we are back to get you your own style, with a few steps guidelines…

Unless someone else is doing your wardrobe, you already own a style, all we’ll do here is defining it. BUT first of all why do we need to define a style for ourselves.. Wear whatever you like on those stacked racks of stores. Here are the reasons…

  1. There is always a big wardrobe stuffed with stitched fabrics, so called outfits, yet when there is an occasion we don’t have a thing to wear.
  2. We need to make that impact, and for that lets have a signature look.
  3. We are here for you as stylists, and imagine for FREE, like absolutely free.

There ‘ll be a lot of talks about these steps for being impractical, but trust me they will all be very much practical and easy doing for any girl or lady or mom, for everyone of us. All we will need is a little commitment and some effort and few hours to spend and we lll try to make it as budgeted as possible.

So lets start…

  1.  Pick your icon(s):

a) Take a moment to find out whose style picks you really adore. The person can be a celebrity or someone around you.Well certainly there  will be more than 1 person..A cup of Priyanka Chopra, a spoon full Sonakshi, a Pinch of girl next door, a little Alia Hairstyles for the Garnish. Recollect the names and judge weather you like those clothes only on them or you like that look for yourself too.?

Image courtesy: google.com

b) Follow at least a couple of Fashion Magazines to pick latest style updates. The best part in today’s life, u need not certainly stack them up, just get degital copies and you are good to go.


2. Make a pinterst board (or an album):

Bring down everything you like under one Header, like Pinterest or one dedicated album in your super smart phone. This again is very basic step because looking at those pictures you will always know what you need to buy next and /or get customised for yourself.

Also thats how you know what are the instyle styling options.

Its better to dedicate different boards or scrapbooks for different type of clothing,like Casual, semi formals, formals, ethnic, accessories, etc.


3.Get back to what’s YOURS… 

Lets do a little Detox. Yes you got it right, Lets declutter the mess. Step over your wardrobe and take a look. Now start pulling out the garments and categorize them as MOST WORN, LESS WORN and NOT WORN.

Put the Worn ones back with all the love.

Check out the lesser worn ones and find a reason that they are worn less, weather its the fit or the colour or the style and what can be done about it.Get them in right fit, Style them to make more appealing, get them to your fit or add them to not worn. Match them to your Pinterest board or scrapbook styles.

Repeat with the the not worn ones and then its time to say GOOD BYE to the left over clutter. YA YA,!! i know its hard but do it. To help you with that we have jotted down a few sites where you can sell preloved garments.

> http://www.elanic.in

> http://www.revampmycloset.com

> http://www.oncewear.com

> http://www.onceagainstore.com

I am serious. Now we can sell what we don’t wear anymore… So decluttering is far more easy.

4. Wear what fits: This one is really really important. No one is ever going to check inside your collar to see what size are you wearing, so please stop trying to get into a size lesser.

What fits good is  what looks good


5. Accessorise:

Keep your eyes open and pocket ready to buy right accessories. A little brooch or stunning neckpiece is all you need to pump up your look. I know it sounds boring or even difficult sometimes but this really is important specially now days when every kind of accessory is a fashion and best part you get all the variety everywhere.



By this step, we pretty much know what we really like or what not, so utilise that self curated knowledge and shop exactly what you think you love and you’ll wear with all the confidence and comfort


7. Well The Most important one is


Be Ready to SMILE..These two beat any styling tip.



There is one more very effective way to start.

Make a NOT MY STYLE list… instead of  brain drilling on what you like you can also start with what i don’t like at all.

Colours, specific pieces, cuts and fits, fabrics, patterns, whole outfits, accessories, make up looks, anything you can think of.


Please let me know if it helped.


4 thoughts on “Lets get little Stylish…

  1. The de-cluttering is so very important….most of us don’t want to let go of out old cloths, no matter how ill fitted they are…and I love how you have suggested to discover outlet own stule rather than blindly following trends!!!!


  2. Superb idea… I hav already started following it and selected few pics for my new album 😎…The best is “Smile and be Confident” which is easiest when u hav limitations with your body 😉
    Good job buddy… Cheers to ur effort of making us stylish :*


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