How to remove your makeup correctly…

Hello pretty you…

Make up is something that brings out the prettier and more confident you,.. It adds that glow to the skin that we have been looking for. But that same thing can harm the very delicate skin under itself. Therefore, removing it properly is very very important.And now that scorching summers are here, we want you be really careful about this..


So here is a quick guide for removing your make up correctly, what natural products can be used for that. Also how to remove it really fast for those days when you are really tired1Use a

1. Make up Remover:

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Take a cotton ball and pour in some make up remover on it.. dab it on your skin and let it rest for few seconds. Gently wipe off your face with the same cotton ball. Wash face with a mild cleanser. Follow with a toner and moisturiser

2. Use cleansing milk:


Take some cleansing milk on ur palm and spread it over your face and massage for 1 minute. Let it rest on face for 30 seconds.

Remove gently using a soft tissue, you can use toilet paper roll for this as they are really soft tissues. Usually you don’t need to wash face after using a cleansing milk. So its an easy option for a lazy goodbye to the day.

3. Baby Wipes:

Yes, This is true.  Our all time best friends, baby wipes help us out here as well. Some nights are so lazy or tiring that we just don’t feel like getting off the bed. That time, grab your baby wipes and gently wipe off all the makeup.


This is not a very healthy way out so its not suggested as a regular way to remove make up. Non Alcoholic make up removing wipes are equally fine.


4. Use your favourite Oil

Oils actually do the best job. Its best and most natural way to remove your make up. Oil cleansing is a very healthy and most effective night time beauty regime. Removing Make up with oils is equally a good option.It can be coconut oil, almong oil, olive oil, linoliec sunflower oil, safflower oil etc. depending on what suits your skin best. Coconut oil works great and easiest to find.


Take few drops of your favourite oil in your palm and gently massage over your face and neck. Let it rest for a minute to break the make up and then gently wipe it off.

Repeat the process if you feel the make up is still there. Follow with your routine cleansing regime.

5.For Eye Make up:

Take some eye make remover or milk on a cotton pad and place it on your closed eye lids. let it rest for few seconds , then gently wipe it off. Repeat if required.

eye makeup.jpg


  • Find a cleanser or remover that suits your skin type.
  • For a light BB cream or routine creams, water cleansers are good but if you have a nice base and more make up on it, u might need an oil based cleanser only.
  • Always wash your face after make up removal.( if using cleansing milk, it can still be avoided.)
  • Gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Eyes are the most sensitive part, so give them your full attention.
  • Always five extra post care to your lips like applying some petroleum jelly.
  • All ways end the make up removal with a splash of cold water. it closes the open pores.


  • Never ever sleep without removing your make up
  • Never use a harsh scrub to remove make up or post using cleanser.
  • Never use very hot water while removing make up.
  • Never harshly rub any towel or cotton ball against your face.
  • Never use a same wipe to remove all the makeup.
  • Don’t forget your neck and arms if make up was applied over them.


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18 thoughts on “How to remove your makeup correctly…

  1. I do not put make up that often, its only for special occasion and that too light make up but it’s good to have these tips handy. Thanks for sharing them with many alternatives.

    Useful read!!


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