Nostalgia can hit from anywhere…

I am a mother of two toddlers… always worked up, mostly overwhelmed, usually irritated, sometimes calm and rarely resting. But I am a person who lived in euphoria all the time. So in this contradictory phase of life I was quite lost with what I want and what was happening around.

Then Shalu who has been backbone in keeping me sane, getting me working again and marketing my buisiness, referred me MATRIKA , she had this journal 📓 which was absolutely amazing. She was quite impressed with it and even wrote this review 

Matrika Review
in her very popular blog:

The Dreamer Mum

So I followed her steps to call one for myself. Visited the facebook page of Matrika Paper Priducts, here is the link: Matrika Paper Producta FB

And I found there was a campaign going on by the name of “Scribble your heart away”, where I could choose a diary out of a range of four different themes 

1. To Dream depicted as Butterfly in Pink

2. To Glide depicted as Fish in Blue

3. To Write depicted as Feather in Red 

4. To Fly depicted by a dragonfly in Brown 

I am a blogger, love to jott down my heart and pen is much more stress relieveing way of writing than typing, so I ll call for my Red journal that’s there to write. 

With in a week of request i had this in my hand. 

The hold itself was amazing.. soft Red cover with a binding elastic. When I opened it, I was amazed to see so much in one journal… 

It has everything like pages for mood swings, adult colouring pages for stress busting that are much near to what colour yoga is, loved the stickers at the end which compliment exact mood we are working in. The daily notes and so much more. 

And as I kept on turning the pages, I got so nostalgic.. about the time I used to be an artist, about the time when I used tp sketch n make portraits , I used to doodle about anything and everything.. where was all of that., these adult colouring pages reminded me of times when art used to be my personality trait n I enjoyed it so much. 

I immediately got up n scribbled a little on the very first page with a sketch pen of my babies. Didn’t come out very good as did it after almost 8-10 years but still loved it, loved the feel of scribbling.. have ordered my steadier fine liners once again, I wanna scribble again, sketch again and colour again too.

I love it soo much that I plan to buy the other 3 also, I have recommended to lot of friends too. While going around the site, I loved few more things like the notebooks. Everything is beautifully designed and nicely made. 

Narssicist points:

Personally I give a 5 out 5 starts.. rarely few things touch your heart. This was one of them and thanks Shalu for getting me into this. I am a regular customer Matrika now. 

Like me there are more people who have things to say about MATRIKA 

So Anchal ‘ll take this chain ahead.. you can find her…

The Mum Story


Disclaimer: This is not a paid blog. I received the journal because I wanted to review it as I really liked the product. These are my true reviews. 


16 thoughts on “Nostalgia can hit from anywhere…

  1. This is one of best and we’ll written reviews I read so far. Really nice… you gave it your personal touch. I respect the sincere and humble blogger inside you who never miss to show her gratitude towards other bloggers. very well done..


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