Nostalgia can hit from anywhere…

I am a mother of two toddlers… always worked up, mostly overwhelmed, usually irritated, sometimes calm and rarely resting. But I am a person who lived in euphoria all the time. So in this contradictory phase of life I was quite lost with what I want and what was happening around.

Then Shalu who has been backbone in keeping me sane, getting me working again and marketing my buisiness, referred me MATRIKA , she had this journal đź““ which was absolutely amazing. She was quite impressed with it and even wrote this review 

Matrika Review
in her very popular blog:

The Dreamer Mum

So I followed her steps to call one for myself. Visited the facebook page of Matrika Paper Priducts, here is the link: Matrika Paper Producta FB

And I found there was a campaign going on by the name of “Scribble your heart away”, where I could choose a diary out of a range of four different themes 

1. To Dream depicted as Butterfly in Pink

2. To Glide depicted as Fish in Blue

3. To Write depicted as Feather in Red 

4. To Fly depicted by a dragonfly in Brown 

I am a blogger, love to jott down my heart and pen is much more stress relieveing way of writing than typing, so I ll call for my Red journal that’s there to write. 

With in a week of request i had this in my hand. 

The hold itself was amazing.. soft Red cover with a binding elastic. When I opened it, I was amazed to see so much in one journal… 

It has everything like pages for mood swings, adult colouring pages for stress busting that are much near to what colour yoga is, loved the stickers at the end which compliment exact mood we are working in. The daily notes and so much more. 

And as I kept on turning the pages, I got so nostalgic.. about the time I used to be an artist, about the time when I used tp sketch n make portraits , I used to doodle about anything and everything.. where was all of that., these adult colouring pages reminded me of times when art used to be my personality trait n I enjoyed it so much. 

I immediately got up n scribbled a little on the very first page with a sketch pen of my babies. Didn’t come out very good as did it after almost 8-10 years but still loved it, loved the feel of scribbling.. have ordered my steadier fine liners once again, I wanna scribble again, sketch again and colour again too.

I love it soo much that I plan to buy the other 3 also, I have recommended to lot of friends too. While going around the site, I loved few more things like the notebooks. Everything is beautifully designed and nicely made. 

Narssicist points:

Personally I give a 5 out 5 starts.. rarely few things touch your heart. This was one of them and thanks Shalu for getting me into this. I am a regular customer Matrika now. 

Like me there are more people who have things to say about MATRIKA 

So Anchal ‘ll take this chain ahead.. you can find her…

The Mum Story


Disclaimer: This is not a paid blog. I received the journal because I wanted to review it as I really liked the product. These are my true reviews. 

10 Easy Peasy 2 ingredient face masks…

Hellooo readers. 

Here I am to talk about beauty hacks once again.

I very often get a query that as we stopped using particular product, the hair fall started again, the face tanned as we stopped using D tan, wrinkles started appearing , etc.

So guys let’s face the truth, once we age 25, our skin needs constant, regular and good care if we want to keep it healthy. 

If you wanna stop using a remedial product, then stop  eating adulterated stuff, stop going out in pollution, stop eating unhealthy junk food, do not drink soda or alcohol , stop stepping out in sun. 

If you can’t do that, please stop taking your skin and hair for granted. They need far more care and good products to be used regularly. But we surely do understand that sometimes it’s really difficult to fetch time and ingredients. So today we are going to discuss some very easy peasy 2 ingredient home remedies for your skin issues…

1. Fight Blackheads.

Cut a lemon half, Pour lil honey on the slice.

Rub it on the affected area for a minute, rinse after 5 minutes and Ta-Da blackheads gone.

2. Anti-acne.

Add a teaspoon of turmeric in a teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply thick paste on affected area. Antiseptic properties of turmeric will take away acne. 

3. Get Bright Skin Instantly.

Put a teaspoon of lemon juice in 2 teaspoon of yoghurt (hung curd). Massage your face and neck with the mixture for like 2-3 minutes, leave for another 5 minutes and rinse out with cold water . 

4. Skin lifting.

Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in 1 egg white..

Apply it evenly on face including eyes. Once it dries, apply a layer again. Repeat to put 3-4 layers. Wash when all of it dries up.

Do not talk or move your face. This ll tighten the skin and will brighten it very well. 

5. Get Healthy skin.

Add a teaspoon of tomato juice in 2 teaspoons of coconut milk. Massage it over face and neck for 5 minutes and leave it as long as you can. 

As you rinse, the skin will soft, bright and plump.

6. Instant D-Tan

Make a thick paste using baking soda and lemon. Use it as a scrub for face, neck, knees etc. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash off. Follow with any mild soothening pack.
So, Try them and let us know. They are easy and actually instant result yielding.

For all organic Home Remedial Hair n Skin care products visit:

Have a healthy skin

Stay beautiful 

Disclaimer: please always do a patch test before using any home remedy. Every body is different, every skin is different, just be sure before applying any of these to your face. 

How to dress your feet with Indian wear 

Hello Smart people

So what happens when we are all set for a meeting or a party but get stuck right before we step out. Why.?! Because that step is not looking as awesome as the whole look of the outfit. To find a perfect match of footwear to fit in the ensemble sounds like a challenge sometimes specially with our desi avatar.

If our choice of shoe is not right, it may fade away the whole look. They ned to compliment the outfit and our own swag. So here we are bringing you some basic tips to choose the right shoe for your dress as per current trends.

1) Wedge Affair

The medium heel in wedges is most comfortable and goes with mostly all sorts of outfits. Be it Indian Saree or denims with a top or your all time favourite Little Black Dress, these footwear won’t ditch you. In fact wedge heels are counted to be most reliable and comfortable kind of heels.

2) The Kohlapuris:

Ohh Who doesn’t know The kohlapuri chappals. They are so versatile and never off fashion.. You buy one and then you can wear them till they decay as they are always there… But yes, we can always add that swag with what’s going on latest like the Pom poms these days.

3) Jootis:

Jootis too work great with lot of Indian Attires, like dhoti suits, pajami suits, ankle length palazzo, ankle length lehnga or skirts.

They can also be teamed up with basic salwar suit or churidaars. In fact Jootis go great with denims and tunic or long tops.

4) Pumps or Peeptoes:

Now both these beauties are meant for more formal wearabilities. They also go with all sorts of dresses from ur sarees, lehngas , suits, denims, skirts, everything. Having a couple of dynamic coloured saves a lot of confusion. 

DOs while dressing in Indian wear:

  • Flat footwear(ballerinas, kohlpur chappals, jootis, v-shaped slippers,etc) work better when the ensemble has a narrow bottom or if the ankle is showing  E.g., Pajamis, cigarette pants even salwars, ankle length palazzo etc
  • With  flared bottom always prefer little heeled footwear like wedges or pumps or peep toes with palazzo, lehnags, saree, etc
  • Loafers or moccasins go well better with ensembles with the pants or trousers.


  • Any kind of sporty footwear like sneakers, sports shoes are a BIG NO NO for any sort of Indian wear.
  • Any kind of boots, leather shoes except few loafers are a NO too.

Note: These are few style tips that work comparatively well & are more in trend. But everyone has their own definition of fashion thus it won’t look awkward if you decide to choose otherwise. You are anyways gorgeous

Always & Forever…

How to remove your makeup correctly…

Hello pretty you…

Make up is something that brings out the prettier and more confident you,.. It adds that glow to the skin that we have been looking for. But that same thing can harm the very delicate skin under itself. Therefore, removing it properly is very very important.And now that scorching summers are here, we want you be really careful about this..


So here is a quick guide for removing your make up correctly, what natural products can be used for that. Also how to remove it really fast for those days when you are really tired1Use a

1. Make up Remover:

Pic credit: The huffing post

Take a cotton ball and pour in some make up remover on it.. dab it on your skin and let it rest for few seconds. Gently wipe off your face with the same cotton ball. Wash face with a mild cleanser. Follow with a toner and moisturiser

2. Use cleansing milk:


Take some cleansing milk on ur palm and spread it over your face and massage for 1 minute. Let it rest on face for 30 seconds.

Remove gently using a soft tissue, you can use toilet paper roll for this as they are really soft tissues. Usually you don’t need to wash face after using a cleansing milk. So its an easy option for a lazy goodbye to the day.

3. Baby Wipes:

Yes, This is true.  Our all time best friends, baby wipes help us out here as well. Some nights are so lazy or tiring that we just don’t feel like getting off the bed. That time, grab your baby wipes and gently wipe off all the makeup.


This is not a very healthy way out so its not suggested as a regular way to remove make up. Non Alcoholic make up removing wipes are equally fine.


4. Use your favourite Oil

Oils actually do the best job. Its best and most natural way to remove your make up. Oil cleansing is a very healthy and most effective night time beauty regime. Removing Make up with oils is equally a good option.It can be coconut oil, almong oil, olive oil, linoliec sunflower oil, safflower oil etc. depending on what suits your skin best. Coconut oil works great and easiest to find.


Take few drops of your favourite oil in your palm and gently massage over your face and neck. Let it rest for a minute to break the make up and then gently wipe it off.

Repeat the process if you feel the make up is still there. Follow with your routine cleansing regime.

5.For Eye Make up:

Take some eye make remover or milk on a cotton pad and place it on your closed eye lids. let it rest for few seconds , then gently wipe it off. Repeat if required.

eye makeup.jpg


  • Find a cleanser or remover that suits your skin type.
  • For a light BB cream or routine creams, water cleansers are good but if you have a nice base and more make up on it, u might need an oil based cleanser only.
  • Always wash your face after make up removal.( if using cleansing milk, it can still be avoided.)
  • Gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Eyes are the most sensitive part, so give them your full attention.
  • Always five extra post care to your lips like applying some petroleum jelly.
  • All ways end the make up removal with a splash of cold water. it closes the open pores.


  • Never ever sleep without removing your make up
  • Never use a harsh scrub to remove make up or post using cleanser.
  • Never use very hot water while removing make up.
  • Never harshly rub any towel or cotton ball against your face.
  • Never use a same wipe to remove all the makeup.
  • Don’t forget your neck and arms if make up was applied over them.


To order Home made organic make up remover catch us at


DIY: homemade Hair masks

Helllooo Pretty Ladies,

As promised, we are here with some very easy Home made Hair masks for Healthy, Beautiful and Perfect hair. All the ingredients of these masks are easily available in your pantry or a nearby grocery shop, so you won’t need to prepare much.

Hair is like a precious seedling. All we need is to water and nurture it, so it may grow into a healthy, strong tree, full of vitality. With these homemade hair masks, you will do just that. Feed and nourish your scalp and hair with powerful nutrients provided by mother nature to achieve bouncy, lustrous hair.

Ok, so let’s lets get on the journey to gorgeous hair.

  1. Coconut Milk Base:

hair pack 1.jpg

Take 50 ml of coconut milk with 100 ml of plain water. Now add few table spoons of camphor (kapoor) in powdered form into the solution and mix it.

Massage your scalp with the ready mixture.

Leave it for couple of hours.

Rinse with warm water by placing towel on head. Let it disappear naturally without rubbing.

  • Now-a-days bald head became a major problem. It occurs for the youngsters without considering age. This is a remedy to overcome the problem.
  • This is a very effective natural therapy helped many people in slowing down the grey hair problem.
  • The mask can be repeated once  a week.

Notes: Coconut milk and camphor are easily available on any grocery store or super market. You can also make coconut milk at home by blending fresh coconut with water and then sieving it in muslin cloth.

2. Our Very Own DESI GHEE Spa:

hair pack 2.jpg

Take 2 Tbsp of clarified butter  (Desi Ghee) and Mix 2 Tbsp of Indian Gooseberry (AMLA)  Juice and 1 Tbsp of Liquorice Powder (MULETTHI POWDER) in it.

Now put the mixture on gas in a pan with lid ( Lid is very Important as the mixture  will be very agitated because of oil and water base combination). Once the agitation settles, turn off the gas and let it cool down to become warm.

Now shift the mixture into a bowl and massage into your scalp and hair through the length.

Let it stay for a couple of hours and tie hot water towel a couple of times.

Rinse with a mild shampoo.

  • This mask helps immensely in hair fall control.
  • It softens the hair even better than a hair spa.
  • In cases, this has overcome the grey hair problem. The hair literally start getting black with regular use.
  • The mask can be used once a week

Notes: All the ingredients of this mask are easily available at any grocery store or supermarket. You can also order them online.


3. The Smelly but Healthy Onion:hair pack 3.jpg

Take an onion and 1″ Ginger and blend them together. Sieve through a muslin cloth and apply the resultant juice on to your scalp. Let it stay for 30 min and wash with a mild shampoo.

  • This accelerates  the hair growth.
  • Helps in reducing hair fall.
  • Makes hair more healthy and thick.
  • Keep the mask for min 30 min.
  • The mask can be used every time before hair wash.


4. Pulses and Raisin Magic:

hair pack 4.jpg

Take 1 Tbsp of spit Red Gram (Arhar Daal/ Toor Daal ). Soak it in water for 3-4 Hours. Now blend it with 1/2 Tbsp of Raisins (Kishmish).

Now apply this on the Bald Spot or on the whole scalp for less hairy scalp. Leave it for an hour and rinse off with a mild shampoo.

  • It is a very good remedy for balding head. Actually new follicles develop with regular use of this mask.
  • Keep the mask for Min 1 hour.
  • Mask can be used every time before the hair wash.


5. Coconut Milk and Honey Bliss:


Take 1 Tbsp of coconut milk . Add 1 Tbsp of Honey to it and mix generously.

Apply this mixture onto Hair and Scalp and leave it for a 1-2 hrs to let the scalp soak it.

Rinse it with a mild Shampoo.

  • This is a very good remedy for dry and fizzy hair.
  • This mask nourishes the hair very well.
  • This mask can be repeated once a week.


6. Potato Skin Rinse:

hair pack 6.jpg

Take a Potato, Wash and Peel it. Pour a Glass of water in a pan and a Potato Peels to it.

Let it Boil for 5 Min. Switch off the gas and let it cool. Strain the water.

Rinse your hair with plain water, Towel dry them and Then rinse with the Prepared Potato Water. Let the hair dry as it is.

  • There won’t be any texture issue after the rinse.
  • This rinse is very good to enhance hair growth.
  • This rinse also helps in curing hair fall.
  • This can be repeated every alternate Day.

Well here are just few of the off beat but very very effective hair Masks.

Make them, use them and please let us know how you felt.

Wish you Gorgeous Hair



Let your hair smile…

​Do you know it doesn’t take much, Just few things and we actually can have healthy hair.

Healthy hair always smile back. It doesn’t matter if they are curly, straight or wavy. All we need is their good health. So here is a quick guide to healthy hair…


The main rule for healthy hair is healthy, clean and hygienic scalp. As long as women are using quality products, they can benefit from more frequent washing. It reduces split ends, provides great moisture, and gives hair an overall clean and shiny look.

Not sure how often to lather up?

Try and read signs from your scalp. You can wash as much as daily using a mild shampoo – even a baby shampoo which is very mild or as less as once a week but it’ll totally depend on environment your hair is exposed to, so you are the best guide.

NATURAL: As we love going Natural, Use Baking Soda and Water paste as your shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar as your conditioner. Use these 4-5 times a week.

If you don’t wanna chuck out you shampoo n conditioner totally, massage with baking soda  once a week to cleanse your scalp.


Never wash your hair with hot water, it can be damaging and might result in split ends and itchy scalp. Keep the water just warm.

Also narrow down your love with Hair styling tools to once a week at the max. I know it sounds tough but trust me, having lesser hair in further years of life is far more tough.

Even if its a must use the tools once the Hair are dry and also on low heat settings. The lesser, the better.


Massaging the scalp is very very necessary to keep not just the scalp but also your hair healthy. It improves the blood circulation and hence revitalises the hair follicles.

Use basic Natural oils like pure coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil or olive oil. Just a little warm oil and massage it gently over the scalp.

4. DON’T Stuff Up The Hair Styling Products:

Hair styling products like mousse, sprays, heat protections are good but please try not to overdo them. Try putting just half the amount you usually take. This will prevent product buildup, and at the same time, you’ll be making those products last twice as long, cutting down on costs.


I won’t go much blah blah about nutrition as to what to eat but we all know eating right is necessary for good hair and skin.

Well, we can give them nutrition this other way as well, put on good hair masks and oil. In upcoming blogs we’ll discuss about homemade hair n skin masks.

Smoking harms our hair like nothing else, so try and keep it away.

Well People, none of this must be a revelation for anyone but very very important information to keep in mind. Healthy and beautiful hair enhance your beauty to manifolds.

Take care, Eat Healthy

and have gorgeous hair…